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    What is your current Runescape name? Marcsaw PK (xLPC) / Helmetkid985 (Babypure) / bigfistman (LPC) What is your Runescape clanning history? Elimination Warlord - 2008 Chaotic v3 Warlord - 2009 Corrupt Pures Veteran - 2011 Activation Founder - 2011 Execution Founder - 2013 Sovereign Warlord - 2014 'We Are Ruthless' Leader - 2018 Currently in Supremacy on my main pure and recently left noxious prior to them merging What are your goals for your account? Staying at the combat cap Do you plan on joining Dynasty? Maybe Anything else you would like for us to know? I might multi-log on my 3 level 70's w/ 50 defense if clans talk shit